About Us


The Ashok Punch Arts group is run under the able guidance of Mr. Pandiyan, our founder & cmd. He has worked his whole career in the laser steel rule die making and brings over 36 year’s experience to the group. After 10 years of dedicated service in the print industry he decided to open his own venture. So with a single manual auto bender jig saw cutting machine he made his humble beginning, but with his vision & mission he’s come a long way and expanded the company to an astonishing 30000 sq. ft. and 10 various kinds of german machines. Being the visionary man that he’s been, in 1990 he started the first of its kind independent steel rule die making by the name of Ashok Punch Arts which was way ahead of its time. Continuing his outlook in 2010 he foresaw the growth and advancement in the die making sector and took over Ashok Punch Arts (now Ashok Punch Arts Pvt. Ltd.). He is still very much involved in all aspects of the business, and continues to take hands on approach to ensure Ashok Punch Arts Pvt. Ltd remains one of the top companies in the industry.

About Company

We, ASHOK PUNCH ARTS is India’s Leading Laser Steel Rule Die Maker with a higher reputation for quality, performance and meeting deadlines. The Ultra-Modern Machinery used at Ashok gives it the crucial edge in a competitive economy. The entire range of Ashok’s machinery is imported from various companies Like Elcede – Germany, the world leader in die making equipment. The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of Ashok is most evident in the quality of its dies And the Perfection in it as an art. Our Product Range Cover all Flat Bed Die Cutting requirements like Sample making, Pertinax counter, 3D EMBOSS & DEBOSS, EMBOSS + FOIL, BRAILLE, TEXTURE, Rubbering, Male and Female Stripping Etc. The Most modern Die Cad technology from IMPACT 2016 (GERMAN) is used for complete design for folding cartons, corrugated boxes, Intricate Profile Die.